Low Cost DIY Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Appreciate

The question of whether or not you have to give wedding favors to your guests is a very common one. However, there is no easy answer to this question.

While it’s true that you technically are not required to give your guests any type of wedding favor, it is also true that your guests will likely be expecting to receive a favor.

Of course the decision is completely up to you and depends a lot on whether or not there is room in the budget for you to provide favors.

Favors are a nice gesture as a thank you for attending your special day. They can be elegant, fun, or practical.  Today we are going to go over some great suggestions for fun and unique wedding favors that will fit nicely into your budget.

Divinity fudge makes delicious low cost wedding favors. Wrapped up in white tulle and tied with a white ribbon it would be beautiful. Add a tag; you make yourself, with a little message like “Love is divine”. Cut out the tag with scallop scissors and punch a hole for the ribbon. One warning, divinity doesn’t come out well in high humidity.

Regular candles are nice too for low cost wedding favors. Wrap in tulle and tie with ribbon. Stick a small flower in the ribbon.

Tree seedlings, such as citrus or any kind of tree, are something everybody would love. They will always remember your wedding with this unique wedding favor idea. Wrap the plastic pot to disguise it.

Flower seedlings or seed packets are a nice wedding favors. Wrap in anyway that is appropriate for your wedding. Tie with ribbon, raffia or paper ribbon.

Make wine glass markers from wire and beads. You can find instructions at the craft store. One is enough for a wedding party favor. Place in a small box and tie with ribbon.

Sachets made from lavender. Make a small bag from lace. Sew up three sides, put the lavender in and sew up fourth side. Attach a small silk flower. Potpourris in drawstring bags made of lace or tulle are pretty. They smell nice too. You can use any kind of bag that’s easy for you to make.

Everybody loves herbs. Buy small ones and place plastic container right into a small terra cotta pot. Put some moss around the top to disguise the plastic planter. Include a pretty tag with instructions for care and attach to a ribbon tied around the pot.

A strawberry plant is another live wedding favor idea. It can be presented in the same way as an herb. Anything of this nature that is in season is appreciated.

Candies, such as M&Ms in your wedding colors, Kisses or Hugs, mints, a wonderful piece of chocolate or any kind that you would like,great in a cupcake liner. They come in different sizes and colors.

You can get M and M’s in your wedding colors at: http://www.mymms.com place them in plastic bags and tie a prettyribbon on them, or place them in a nice container and personalize with your special touch.

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For an outdoor wedding, consider buying umbrellas at the dollar store.  Wrap them in ribbons with your colors. This, of course, is for a smaller wedding only, but can be a great gift to help shield guests from inclement weather or the sun.

Buy plain chocolate bars in bulk or get the miniature version. Print out new labels on your computer that you personalize for yourself and wrap them around the bars.

Make your own CD using your favorite songs. Include the first dance song, the cake-cutting song and all the traditional songs. Make CD covers with your picture on it and gave all your guests a copy of the CD.

For a Christmas wedding, give each guest a Christmas ornament.Take a plain ball type ornament and use a paint pen to personalize with your name and the date of your wedding.

Pictures frames are a very easy wedding favor especially if they are used as place card holders. Pictures frames are often used as wedding favors but must people spend a great deal of time wrapping each favor individually to create a beautiful presentation for the guests.

Do you and your intended share a love of something unique?  Are you big Nascar fans,  love to golf or wild about a sports team?  Gear your favors around these unique characteristics that are you.

Unless you have your heart set on taking home your table decorations, consider giving them away to guests. A fun way to do this is to take a hint from most class reunions. Give one to the guests that traveled the farthest, the ones who have married the longest, married the shortest,etc. This helps bring people into your reception and make them feel like a bigger part of your special day!

While wedding favors may be one of the simplest part of planning a wedding, they can also be the part of the wedding which is often left until the last minute. This can make shopping for wedding favors quite stressful. However, there are a number of different options as we have discussed today for wedding favors which are very easy to do at the last minute and won’t put a big dent in your budget!


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