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Destination Wedding Tips

Here are a few tips to help you plan your dream destination wedding!

  • Add elements of the local attire to your wedding-day ensemble
    Whether it’s a floral lei in Hawaii or a touch of tartan in Scotland, it’ll give your wedding a more authentic vibe.
  • Think beyond the tuxedo
    For groomsmen, consider linen suits, or even just cotton pants and guayabera shirts. The guys will be more comfortable, and it may complement the location better than a traditional suit.
  • Figure out how to transport your dress
    Smaller gowns can be stowed in the first-class closet; for a larger dress, you may need to have the gown packed in a box and shipped in advance. If you’re panicked at entrusting your couture gown to the airline baggage system, consider springing for an extra seat on the plane for your dress.
  • Help guests pack
    Let everyone know to bring wraps for cool nights or appropriate shoes for an outdoor activity. Also alert them if the hotel’s restaurant has a dress code.
  • Throw an after-party at home
    If some of your VIPs can’t go to your wedding, host a second reception at home. You can show video and photos from your celebration, create the vacation vibe with a themed menu and decor, and hand out
    souvenirs as favors.
  • Plan unique activities
    Include a few excursions that are specific to your destination, such as hula lessons and volcano tours in Hawaii or cooking lessons and wine tastings in Tuscany.
  • Be clear about costs
    In addition to the wedding-day party, most couples pay for at least one event (welcome dinner, sunset cruise, etc.). Let guests know in advance which activities you’re covering and which they’ll need to spring for.
  • Arrange a gathering spot
    Consider creating a hospitality suite at the hotel where guests can meet up with others from your group. Stock the room with snacks, drinks, board games and other diversions.

Source: Destination Wedding Magizine

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